Discussion Question #1

How does our environment around us affect our decisions in life?

Comment to respond.

Outside Source: http://blogs.kqed.org/education/2014/03/27/our-behavior-is-shaped-mostly-by-our-environment/

Outside Source #2: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Priming_(psychology)

Outside Source #3: You Are Not So Smart 



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3 responses to “Discussion Question #1

  1. I feel that our environment affects out decisions greatly in life. Without our surroundings we would not know what is socially acceptable or not socially acceptable. We use other peoples choices to gauge the reactions of those around us before we do something. If people respond positively to one persons actions then it acts as a silent acceptance to the similar actions of others. As a whole, we act as a group and always contain a bit of a group mentality.


  2. I deeply agree with the idea that small things in our environment are the things truly making our decisions. This particular philosophy has been written about by Gladwell and Brooks alike. This is likely because it is one of the foundations of modern psychology. The idea that our decisions can be linked to outside sources has been a driving force of understand humans and their thought processes. Our environment has the ability to control us. If something negative happens near us, it is possible for us to experience negativity. This is also applicable to the pack mentality, and the “urge to merge” as brooks would describe it. We work to fit in, as our environment changes, so do we; in order to belong.


  3. Our environment affects our own decisions in such subtle ways. This can even be shown when you put a voting booth in a school, and that person is more likely to vote for things that support education than someone who was not. This can also be seen through priming. The idea that you can condition someone through basic knowledge to act a certain way. For example, you can say Doctor then say Nurse it will be recognized faster than if you say bread. Priming can influence your decisions as well. We can also be impacted by the people around us. In one experiment, they had one person sitting at a desk filing out a questionnaire. A bunch of other actors sat around them doing the same thing. And the experimenters started filling the room with smoke. If nobody stood up to leave the room, the room would have had to fill with smoke before the person would leave. Our decisions are that affected by the environment around us.


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