Discussion Question #3

What is the best way of looking at the world, rationally or emotionally?

Comment to respond.

Outside Source: Sherlock (TV Show)



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4 responses to “Discussion Question #3

  1. I feel that you need a mix of both to be able to look at the world in the most human, and best way. We cannot be all rational or sometimes we would not be able to choose. Its like going with a gut-feeling, that would not be there if we did not use our emotions to make choices. On the other hand, looking at the world entirely through emotions is not healthy either. That is how people make short term choices that can turn into long term consequences. To be give a very far fetched example, if someone kills someone in the heat of the moment, due to their emotions, they will have to face this consequence for a very long time. It is best to make sure that you do not live your life just based off emotions, but also to not live solely off of rational. The best and possibly happiest way to live would be a mix. I think that the happiest people know when they should choose something rationally and when they should react with their emotions.

    Side Note: I feel like a perfect outside source to describe why rational is not always the way to go would be the TV show Bones, Sherlock, or even The Big Bang Theory. People on the show make a lot of choices through rational only and as one who watches the show can see it does not work out well all the time.


  2. To see the world in only one way would be a way to commit social suicide. To be completely and utterly rational would be extremely cold and calculating. You would push everyone away with having no emotions. But if you were to only be completely emotional, nobody would want to talk to you since you had no logic. You have to select the good traits from both of them to effectively manage relationships with people. A mix of both would be the best way to view the world. Running your world around logic and rationale would remove your humanity from the situation. However, being a completely emotional creature would cause the “Level 2” conscious part of you to not exist. You would revert back to being an animal, you would have no higher level of intelligence. You would let your unconscious part of you control everything. We are Social Animals with unspoken laws of the world in place. Without rationality or emotion, the world would be a much different place. And we need both to fully explore and experience this world.


  3. It is more important to look at things emotionally. Empirically, life is meaningless. All humans (all living organisms, for that matter) are simply vessels of DNA with the sole objective of procreation. To look at that rationally would lead to depression. Albert Camus talked a great deal about this in his essay “the myth of Sysiphus” would pioneered the “absurd” philosophy that we must find our own meaning in anything. Camus writes “one must imagine Sisyphus happy”, meaning that until we can put the rationality of life aside, we are destined to be unhappy. Looking at things emotionally give meaning to the social constructs of life such as love or faith. Without it, life is dull.


  4. A person must look at life through all windows in order to thrive. By only looking at life through one perspective, a person will miss out on important opportunities. Looking at the world rationally would leave a person loveless – looking at the world emotionally leaves a person without realistic groundings.


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