Joey’s Bio

Joey Giola was born on February 23, 1997 in San Luis Obispo, CA. He was a mostly quiet and introverted kid who wanted to do things like read and learn about the world in his childhood. In high school, he leaned towards very IT oriented classes during his time in high school. This gave him skills such as Photoshop and HTML. Through these classes, he found out that he didn’t want to do this as a career and instead found a passion for the world of business. This has set him on the path of going to the U of A for a degree in Finance. He hopes that this degree will lead him to Wall Street with an investment bank or hedge fund.


Abby’s Bio

Hello! My name is Abby Gritis, and I am a senior at Empire High School, and also taking Corvus and Environmental Science. I love to travel, and learn about new places and cultures. My favorite subjects in school include art, specifically ceramics, and english. I prefer to look at life positively and plan to go to the University of Arizona as an undecided major. I am not very sure what I wish to do with my life but I know I want to help people in someway.


Jack’s Bio

Jack Gillette was born on March 31st, 1997 in Pella, Iowa. The youngest of three, Jack was a very quiet and introverted child, most of his youth was spent enjoying non-social, indoor activities, such as drawing and writing. Growing up, Jack discovered his love for music when he picked up a guitar when he was eight, in less than a year, he had taught himself to play guitar, piano, drums, and eventually saxophone. When Jack was twelve, he and his family moved to Tucson, Arizona. Jack spent his time in middle-school exploring his passions for reading, writing, and playing music, near the end of his eight grade year, Jack had plans to build an open art space in Tucson where people could create and showcase their art. This plan, however, fell through in the transition to high school. While in high school, Jack did not participate in any school sports and kept his focus on academics, taking honors and advanced classes all four years. It was in high school that Jack discovered boxing, to which he became very dedicated to for the years to come. While he kept his competitive fights to a small record, he spent his high school career training and sculpting his skills as an athlete. Now a senior, Jack hopes to attend New York University’s Stern School of Business and eventually venture to Wall Street’s realm of banking and finance.

Miranda’s Bio

Miranda was born on January 19th, 1998 in Anaheim, California. Growing up, she had always loved art and reading. She currently plans on spending the majority of her life traveling and learning about cultures around the world. After high school, she wants to study civil engineering at Northern Arizona University.


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